January 2019 in Los Gigantes

Happy 2019 everyone! Time is flying and January is almost over again!

This month has been filled with great guests, celebration of anniversaries, birthdays or honeymoons and a bit of snow on Top of the Mount Teide! Finally!

Apart from all our “partying”/celebrations we are blessed to see lots of dolphins and whales this months.

There must be a ton of food in the water around Los Gigantes, as we are seeing pods of dolphins (Bottlenose Dolphins, Spotted Dolphins) I mean hundreds of dolphins, just so amazing to see!

Beside the dolphins we are blessed to see a different kinds of whales as well. For example just in the month of January we were seeing 3 different kind of whales (Pilot Whales, Fin Whales & Beaked Whales).

Such a special moment to see these beautiful creatures in their natural environment, where they belong!

We know that we are very lucky to call this our job and we hope that everyone that joins us on board has a fantastic time and is able to see one of these amazing beautiful creatures in their natural environment!

That’s it for now! Wishing everyone a fantastic end of January 2019 and until the next posts!

Keep smiling and keep sailing!

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  Whale Watching Tenerife, Christmas time

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