Have you gone sailing in Tenerife before?

In this short little blog, we would like to share a day on board with us! If you haven’t been on a sail boat yet, you are definitely missing out!

But before you are starting to look for flights for your next vacation towards this beautiful unique island and book one of our luxury charters, take the time and finish reading this blog and don’t forget to take a look at the pictures from our sailing trips out of the port of Los Gigantes.

 So for the ones that haven’t been on a sailing boat with us, here we have a few facts about us and our beautiful Bavaria Cruiser, Mugen!

  • Easy access to get on board and going in and out of water, after your refreshing swim or snorkel.
  • It is very comfortable! We have a lot of space in the front (bow) and in the back (stern), comfy sunbeds on deck!
  • Below deck, we have even more space! Take a look inside!
  • No need for shoes on board!
  • You won’t leave the boat hungry! We will offer you fresh seasonal fruits, homemade sandwiches (vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options) and refreshing drinks!
  • Most important! The chance to see and maybe even listen to the dolphins and whales.

That’s it for now!

Here are some pictures of our last days at sea.

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 Would you like to know more? Book now and convince yourself!

 We will be happy to spend a day on board with you!

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