What is Third Element?

What is Third Element?

Third Element is a company dedicated to sailing charters and whale watching located in the port of Los Gigantes.

Many of you are wondering how we came up with our name. The name of Third Element comes from the wind, the third element (according to several classifications of the four classical elements) is air, the engine and soul of a sailing boat, we decided it was the right name for the company.

We love to sail, because there is no better feeling at sea, listening to the waves and wind, feeling the strength on the rudder.

Why a sailing boat?

For several reasons, the first and most important is a sailing boat is much less contaminating than any speed boat, its more comfortable than the inflatable boats used for whale watching and much more silent to approach the whales, particularly with a little wind.

Our boat is named “Mugen” which means no limits in Japanese. We thought it was the perfect name for a vessel prepared for oceanic navigations.

Mugen is a Bavaria 45 from 2012 and we chose it for the company because it’s very comfortable, easy to handle, spacious inside, and easy to access. Anyone can get on the boat even if you have mobility problems, there is only a small step from the dock to the platform and you are on board.

What do we want to achieve with Third Element?

Very simple, for us it’s a pleasure to go out sailing and meet people. We want you to enjoy a day out on boat and watch the whales in their natural habitat. The landscape of the cliffs of Los Gigantes is a must see of the island. When your holidays are over, we want you to still remember the great day you spend with us.

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On board our clients feel like home, comfortable and very relaxed. The founders of the company Eileen, David and Jaime are involved in the process and will accompany you at each step of the experience, ensuring you receive the highest level of commitment and quality.

I hope I have cleared any doubts.

See you in Tenerife.

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