Sailing towards Tenerife

15th December 2017 we started our journey, the start of Third Element Luxury Charters from the south of Spain, Algeciras, towards Tenerife, Canary Islands!⛵️

The small “crossing” was an absolute adventure, we spend 6 days out on the open Atlantic Ocean, seeing nothing else than water, some fishing boats, containerships and thank goodness no pirates!⚓️

Thanks to the great crew these 6 days went by flying, like the boat with the strong winds we had 😀 Captain Jaime De Bernardo, Captain Aza de Azita, Captain David and me. :P.Short and sweet we are very blessed to be here in Los Gigantes, Tenerife to get to know so many beautiful souls and to watch the whales/dolphins and other animals from our beautiful sailing boat together!

Cheers to the next few years and more unforgettable moments here in Tenerife!

  Have you gone sailing in Tenerife before?

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