La mejor fecha para ver ballenas y delfines en Tenerife

El archipiélago canario cuenta con una de las mayores biodiversidades marinas del mundo, concretamente en la isla de Tenerife es uno de los destinos ideales si quieres ver delfines y ballenas. Sabemos que disfrutar de estos avistamientos es una experiencia única e inolvidable, por ello, si quieres vivir este tipo de experiencia sigue leyendo para conocer los mejores lugares y la mejor época para ver ballenas y delfines en Tenerife.

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Whale Watching 2019

Let’s see if we can describe this fantastic year 2019 in this small Blog post!

We had so many amazing moments and unforgettable encounter with whales, dolphins, sharks and turtles it’s impossible to write it all down, but we will try to keep it short!

Small family of Pilot Whales

May, a kinda cloudy month but the ocean was calm and the Pilot Whales were posing for the pictures!

This little Pilot Whale is “spy-hopping” to check us out!

The Pilot Whales that live on the coast of Tenerife are “residents”, means we can see them all year around. Sometimes we won’t see a big pod of them, as they are good playing “hide and seek”.

Barranco Seco/The Dry Beach

Summer is getting closer and everyone wants to jump into these colourful waters. This picture was taken at Barranco Seco, a small beach along the cliffs of Los Gigantes. Doesn’t it look like the Caribbean Sea?

Risso’s Dolphins

A day we won’t forget! In this picture, we can see 2 Risso Dolphins, a very rare specie to see here in Tenerife.

Baby Spotted Dolphin

June is the month to see baby dolphins, if we are lucky. In this picture above you can see a little baby spotted dolphin with it’s family, just too cute!

False Killer Whales

Jumping towards the last month of the year, after seeing so many different types of whales and dolphin, these ones we didn’t expect to see! False Killer Whales (picture above), an unforgettable day.

Family of False Killer Whales

They came looking for food and found lots of thuna for the whole family! The adults showed the little ones how to “hunt” and to eat, incredible!

This was a short review of 2019, thank you for joining and until next time!