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Sailing towards Tenerife

15th December 2017 we started our journey, the start of Third Element Luxury Charters from the south of Spain, Algeciras, towards Tenerife, Canary Islands!⛵️

The small “crossing” was an absolute adventure, we spend 6 days out on the open Atlantic Ocean, seeing nothing else than water, some fishing boats, containerships and thank goodness no pirates!⚓️

Thanks to the great crew these 6 days went by flying, like the boat with the strong winds we had 😀 Captain Jaime De Bernardo, Captain Aza de Azita, Captain David and me. :P.Short and sweet we are very blessed to be here in Los Gigantes, Tenerife to get to know so many beautiful souls and to watch the whales/dolphins and other animals from our beautiful sailing boat together!

Cheers to the next few years and more unforgettable moments here in Tenerife!

January 2019 in Los Gigantes

Happy 2019 everyone! Time is flying and January is almost over again!

This month has been filled with great guests, celebration of anniversaries, birthdays or honeymoons and a bit of snow on Top of the Mount Teide! Finally!

Apart from all our “partying”/celebrations we are blessed to see lots of dolphins and whales this months.

There must be a ton of food in the water around Los Gigantes, as we are seeing pods of dolphins (Bottlenose Dolphins, Spotted Dolphins) I mean hundreds of dolphins, just so amazing to see!

Beside the dolphins we are blessed to see a different kinds of whales as well. For example just in the month of January we were seeing 3 different kind of whales (Pilot Whales, Fin Whales & Beaked Whales).

Such a special moment to see these beautiful creatures in their natural environment, where they belong!

We know that we are very lucky to call this our job and we hope that everyone that joins us on board has a fantastic time and is able to see one of these amazing beautiful creatures in their natural environment!

That’s it for now! Wishing everyone a fantastic end of January 2019 and until the next posts!

Keep smiling and keep sailing!

For more pictures and videos we have on our Facebook site Third Element Luxury Charters!

Whale Watching in Los Gigantes Tenerife, what can we see?

You can see different type of cetaceans, birds and turtles in the coast of Los Gigantes. In this post I am going to talk about the most regularly seen cetaceans when we are out at sea. Although on our daily trips we are sometimes lucky and see many more.

The bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) is normally always found around Los Gigantes. In the south of the island there are two populations, one locally resident all year round and the other nomad and normally sighted during spring. They are normally found near the coast and sometimes together with other species like short fin pilot whales.

The bottlenose dolphin is 3 metres longs and the females around 2,5 metres and can reach a weight of 150 to 500 kilos. They can live up to 30 years and are mature at around 11 or 12 years old. The mating season is from spring to the begging of the winter and they have offspring each 2 to 3 years. The pregnancy is 12 months long and the offspring at birth are around one metre long.

The groups sighted are small, 7 to 10, but sometimes we are lucky and see them in greater numbers. They reach depths of 300 metres and can stay underwater for 20 minutes.

They have a varied diet, they eat all type of fish and even cephalopods. They are opportunists and change their diet according to the abundance of prey.

Here we are very lucky to have them all year and we have sightings nearly every day out, in summer we can see them easier because they are closer to Los Gigantes and the sea conditions are better.

Another iconic species from the south of Tenerife is the short fin pilot whale (Globicephala macrorhynchus), found in large numbers along the south coast of the island.

The short fin pilot whale is 4 metres long. The males are larger than the females and can weigh up to 1500 kilos. The males can live up to 45 years and the females can live up to 60 years. The females are sexually mature at 6 years and the males with 12 years. They normally reproduce each 3 years and the pregnancy period is 15 months. The offspring are 1 metre long at birth and can be seen between spring and summer.

Normally seen in small groups of 10 specimen but sometimes we can see them in much larger numbers. Depending on the sea conditions and the tides, the best time to see them is in the morning. They are floating calm on the surface and during the day they start to get more active.

The short fin pilot whales feed mostly on cephalopods and fish at depth. They dive between 500 and 1000 metres and stay down for around 15 minutes. They are called the cheetahs of the depths because they hunt very actively and at high speeds.

In the next blogs we will talk about other species we don’t see every day but we see with relative frequency.

Good luck on your trip!!

What is Third Element?

What is Third Element?

Third Element is a company dedicated to sailing charters and whale watching located in the port of Los Gigantes.

Many of you are wondering how we came up with our name. The name of Third Element comes from the wind, the third element (according to several classifications of the four classical elements) is air, the engine and soul of a sailing boat, we decided it was the right name for the company.

We love to sail, because there is no better feeling at sea, listening to the waves and wind, feeling the strength on the rudder.

Why a sailing boat?

For several reasons, the first and most important is a sailing boat is much less contaminating than any speed boat, its more comfortable than the inflatable boats used for whale watching and much more silent to approach the whales, particularly with a little wind.

Our boat is named “Mugen” which means no limits in Japanese. We thought it was the perfect name for a vessel prepared for oceanic navigations.

Mugen is a Bavaria 45 from 2012 and we chose it for the company because it’s very comfortable, easy to handle, spacious inside, and easy to access. Anyone can get on the boat even if you have mobility problems, there is only a small step from the dock to the platform and you are on board.

What do we want to achieve with Third Element?

Very simple, for us it’s a pleasure to go out sailing and meet people. We want you to enjoy a day out on boat and watch the whales in their natural habitat. The landscape of the cliffs of Los Gigantes is a must see of the island. When your holidays are over, we want you to still remember the great day you spend with us.

On board our clients feel like home, comfortable and very relaxed. The founders of the company Eileen, David and Jaime are involved in the process and will accompany you at each step of the experience, ensuring you receive the highest level of commitment and quality.

I hope I have cleared any doubts.

See you in Tenerife.

Have you gone sailing in Tenerife before?

In this short little blog, we would like to share a day on board with us! If you haven’t been on a sail boat yet, you are definitely missing out!

But before you are starting to look for flights for your next vacation towards this beautiful unique island and book one of our luxury charters, take the time and finish reading this blog and don’t forget to take a look at the pictures from our sailing trips out of the port of Los Gigantes.

 So for the ones that haven’t been on a sailing boat with us, here we have a few facts about us and our beautiful Bavaria Cruiser, Mugen!

  • Easy access to get on board and going in and out of water, after your refreshing swim or snorkel.
  • It is very comfortable! We have a lot of space in the front (bow) and in the back (stern), comfy sunbeds on deck!
  • Below deck, we have even more space! Take a look inside!
  • No need for shoes on board!
  • You won’t leave the boat hungry! We will offer you fresh seasonal fruits, homemade sandwiches (vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options) and refreshing drinks!
  • Most important! The chance to see and maybe even listen to the dolphins and whales.

That’s it for now!

Here are some pictures of our last days at sea.

Clients Whale Watching
Spotted Dolphins 2
Private Charter
Pilot Whale
Clients Food
Stern Plataform
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Clients Whale Watching
Spotted Dolphins 2
Private Charter
Pilot Whale
Clients Food
Stern Plataform
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 Would you like to know more? Book now and convince yourself!

 We will be happy to spend a day on board with you!