Here are some good tips and tricks to have a great day at sea with us. A small guide to help you make your experience more enjoyable.

  • Please bring a mask with you, for security reasons
  • Bring a towel, bathing suit and spare clothes to change into after swimming.
  • Comfortable and breathable clothing, sometimes you may need a light jacket particularly for the sunset charters as they could get chilly.
  • High SPF sunscreen protection, although the boat counts with a shaded area, the reflections from the sea means you will burn faster than normal.
  • Sunglasses to protect us from a long time exposure to the sun.
  • Your own snorkeling material if you have it

Suggestions to Avoid Been Seasick

It’s important to rest the night before, without rest you are more prone to get sea sick, get a good night’s sleep before you come for your charter.
Avoid drinking alcohol the night before because alcohol dehydrates the body. If you drink alcohol, drink plenty of water to reduce dehydration and minimize the effects.

You should be hydrated, but not full of liquids. You should eat something before the charter, it’s important not to be hungry.

Don’t eat fatty or acidic foods before sailing. Avoid having a heavy breakfast with food like bacon, fried eggs, sausages or acidic juices like orange. A good choice of fruit is apples, bananas, pears, grapes or melon. Bread, pastries, cereals and non-acidic juices like apple or pineapple are also good.